The Perks of Doing this Presentation

First of all, I learned a lot in this class. I learned a lot about the different merits of book banning, what’s okay to ban, what’s not okay to ban, and how to go about the subject in general. I’ve also learned more about our society, and what we as a collective group take as okay, and what isn’t okay. It kind of surprised me, but I was also pretty disappointed.

While doing this project, though, I learned a lot about how homophobic our society really is. The gay portion of the book is pretty small and marginalized, just like how it is in real life, and yet still we can’t handle it as a society and want to ban the book over this. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a very good book, one that encourages students to read and gives them relatable stories to read, and yet we can’t get past the controversial themes, themes that don’t seem to even affect the students. It’s pretty disappointing what parents will do, but it’s not unexpected.

The best part of this project was the easiness in which research was done. Thanks to the Chapman library database, researching for print resources was incredibly easy. Rather than paging through magazine after magazine, I was able to, from the comfort of my bed, research magazines and books that talked about Perks. After I discovered this, I volunteered to be the group researcher because it was such an easy job I felt confident I could get it done quickly. Our group had other things to do as well, and we used our strengths well to get the job done.

Lastly, while 20 minutes seemed daunting at first, when split up between four people, and including time for questions and videos, it wasn’t bad at all. It didn’t seem like we were up there for a very long time and that we were able to get all the information out in a concise manner, but still enough information that we filled up the twenty minutes we needed. The presentation aspect, at first what seemed to be the hardest part, ended up being far easier than expected.


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