Memorably Awkward Scene

While reading Always Running, I came across a sex scene that Luis played a part of in the back of a car. It was painfully awkward. This scene was very memorable to me for a few reasons. First of all, the fact that it was so hard to read made it very easy to recall later. Secondly, as a teenager who has done the dirty, I could very much relate to Luis and it actually helped me cope with my experience somewhat. It also made my experience seem not as bad as I had thought originally.

When I read this scene, it felt like I was watching it at home with my parents. The most awkward and embarrassing thing in the world is watching sex or sex-related with parents. I remember watching the movie Superbad with them, and wanting to cringe or trying to hold back laughter because it was just so awkward. Now, while reading Always Running, I was clearly not with my parents. However, the entire venture was so voyeuristic and the sex itself just seemed so naturally awkward that it made me uncomfortable to read. I wanted to skip past it but like a really bad TV show I couldn’t just leave it.

The other reason this was memorable is because my first time was in the back of a car with a girl I hardly knew. I knew it was awkward and I knew sex couldn’t be that bad, but I had no idea as I had never shared stories or anything. When I read this story, it made me feel good that others had first times as awkward as mine, even when we come from totally different backgrounds. The scene in the book felt so much more uncomfortable than it did in real life, so it also made me feel better about my own first time.

By being able to relate to the scene, and also remembering it for its uncomfortability, Luis Rodriguez made this one the most memorable in his book.


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